Libraries Change Lives


We envision a Tulsa County that

• works together
• where all are knowledgeable
• where everyone is reaching for
his or her full potential

Big Audacious Goal

Tulsa City-County Library will be the
most valued asset in Tulsa County.

Value Statements

Serving the communityAdventureYour inspiration
Fun!Intellectual FreedomRespectSafetyTomorrow's leaders



  1. Children of Tulsa County will grow up able to compete globally.
  2. The library will be financially sound and an engine of economic growth for the region.
  3. The library will conduct business using innovation and best practices.
  4. The library will have a reputation as a best place to work in the region.
  5. The library will be a center for community, reading, lifelong learning and access to information for all.

Core Competencies

  1. Manage information
  2. Foster the love of reading
  3. Provide research services
  4. Offer access to information
  5. Bridge the digital divide
  6. Facilitate lifelong learning

PDFFacilities Master Plan