Holy Family Parish Cemetery: A Most Beautiful City Of The Dead

early map of tulsa

Holy Family parishioners were buried in the city cemetery initially. But in the spring of 1910, Holy Family Parish acquired a 10-acre tract to bury their dead. The tract was a little more than a mile beyond the city limits at that time. An undated map (pictured left and available in the maps digital collection) shows that the Catholic cemetery was located southeast of Woodward Park. 

When the city expanded and surrounded the cemetery, 160 acres were purchased "eight miles further down the paved road and with the natural advantages there" that made it "a most beautiful city of the dead." 

In the spring and summer of 1924, the new land was prepared, and the remains and monuments were moved from the Woodward Park area to the new location, now known as Calvary Cemetery. 

Source:  Historical Sketch:  A Quarter Century's Incipience, Growth, and Development of the Holy Family Parish

This weekend, Holy Family is hosting "An Encounter with Saint Katharine Drexel." Cherie Hughs will portray Saint Katharine Drexel, the heiress who founded sixty-three Catholic Schools, including the Holy Family Cathedral School. You can read more about the event here


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