Reading Addict

Bizarro Laura: in which a supposedly sophisticated reader grapples with the disappointment of ambiguity (and the satisfaction of Happily Ever After) by Laura

I’ve always thought of myself as a sophisticated reader – that is, able to handle a heaping helping of uncertainty and doubt in my literary diet… strong enough to withstand the Happily Ever After desires of Harlequin Nation.

But… nope. Two books I’ve recently read prove otherwise. Instead, I’ve been plunged into a Bizarro World: the literary novel I was supposed to have enjoyed merely frustrated me… and the romance novel I read just to stay on top of popular authors delighted me to no end.

What??!? This has caused a crisis of not-epic proportions.

A Congenial Affair; or Oklahoma's Thoreau by Nick

Tulsa ’s quaint, Episcopalian university sure has produced some remarkable people. A Hall of Fame football player turned U.S. congressman, the pioneer inventor of voicemail technology, S.E. Hinton who authored the book on which Coppola’s seminal film The Outsiders was based (which also, incidentally, made the Admiral Twin drive-in a national landmark), and even Blanche Devereaux from the Golden Girls.

How I Spent My Summer Staycation by Cara

Staycation . It’s just one of those words that makes me cringe. Maybe it is the idea itself that I find so unappealing. After all, I’m at my house everyday, and there’s so much world to explore in my limited vacation time. “Stay?” That’s for dogs, not for me.

But sometimes a grand excursion is not in the cards. In that case, a great writer describing an interesting destination or journey is a pleasurable consolation for us who choose to staycate the premises. Here’s my list:

America and William T. Vollman by Nick

I once worked in a used bookstore here in Tulsa. Between customers, I ate the peanut butter, crackers, and ramen noodles the owner had stashed behind the desk. I pretty much worked solely for free books. By the end of my tenure there I had a pile of b-movie SciFi, Louis L’Amour paperbacks, and some weird, hippie esoteric fare.

Gourmet Cotton Candy by Christina

I was born to be a teenager in the 1950s. The fashion, the glamour! I can see myself in neat, pleated skirts or beautiful silk-lined party dresses. Perhaps an eye-catching overcoat to fit over that carefully tailored, tweed look. Or maybe a sleek pencil skirt. OK, to be absolutely honest, I’m entirely too messy, clumsy, and lazy to pull off that tidy, accessorized look. But, hey, I can appreciate the era. Jazz music makes way for the arrival of new rock n roll pioneers…Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, and that lady-killer Elvis Presley. And the movie stars at the time! They make me swoon.