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Thoughts on A Long Way Gone by Alicia

Those of us who live in the U.S. of A. hear of “wars and rumors of wars,” but our children are usually spared the horrible details. This is not true of the child soldiers on distant shores who meet war in the close up and personal way that young Ishmael Beah did. In his book, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier , It is 1992, andtwelve year old Ishmael, his brother, and a few friends leave their village in Sierra Leone, West Africa in hopes of becoming rap stars in a talent show.

Books for a Short Attention Span by Christina

I heard an interesting factoid the other day, or perhaps I read it. I probably read it. Sounds like something I would have picked up in Mental Floss magazine. Anyway, the article, or perhaps clever individual, said that adults, on average, have a mere 20 minute attention span. At first I was offended, thought it didn’t give us enough credit, but then I decided it was probably accurate, and maybe even generous. The point is, sometimes I am too high strung or too busy to sit down and read a novel.

Obsession; and The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Nick

I make no bones about it that I have certain ‘weaknesses’. That I can put on my Rob Gordon hat and prattle away into the wee hours about the best Stones record, that Volume IV will change your life, why any true outsider art will always be better than Basquiat, or the psychologically damaging ramifications of not reorganizing my books and records at least twice a year. These are obsessions and I encourage you to walk softly, perhaps even shield your eyes from time to time, while viewing.

Warrior Ethos vs. Gamer's Creed, or War is Hell by Tim

War is hell. So is sharing a stage with Norman Mailer . Wisely, Mailer chose a career in writing and we are all better for it. He burst onto the scene in 1948 with the publication of The Naked and the Dead , a novel about World War II that has since been hailed as one of the greatest novels in American literary history.

Country Noir As a Geographical Subgenre in Fiction by Kristan

I have a “thing” for maps. Somehow, this transpired while working the library stacks as a maintenance shelver in non-fiction. I know the collection quite well. I LOVE the travel section and that’s where it all started, my love of maps. Then, gradually, I made it to the third floor fiction to “maintain” the tall tales of woe, love, mystery, sci-fi and westerns. Eventually, I came across a book titled Tomato Red , written by Daniel Woodrell.