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Isolation in Short Stories by Nick

There seems to be a tradition of using isolation as a theme in many modern short story collections. It might just be my maudlin nature that causes me to be intrigued, engrossed, and thereby seduced by this theme. I also think that working with issues of isolation and alienation work really well in the short story format. Authors can pack a meaner punch in a short story than in a drawn out novel.

The Universal Appeal of the Immigrant Experience Novel by Rebecca

The universal appeal of the immigrant experience novel

By Rebecca

Finding the Center by Rebecca

Coming of age novels are often relegated to the tween/teen set, and many are classified as young adult fiction. Still, many of my favorite novels are coming of age novels. Maybe it’s because of the extended young adulthood of my generation or perhaps it’s the realization that coming of age isn’t typically a one-time occurrence. Revelation and recognition occur throughout our lifetimes at the most unexpected and, sometimes, inopportune moments. I’m drawn to young adult fiction for this reason, but many adult novels deal with these universal themes, too.

Brushing Up on Your Zombie-ology by Nick

AMC’s season finale of Mad Men paved the way for another great, original series The Walking Dead. Originally a comic book by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead just might be the best, smartest zombie story since Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later. Kirkman’s series is less macro, more micro.

Lackolibraphobia by Rebecca

These days I’m suffering from a serious condition known as lackolibraphobia. Yes, it is a word. Okay, it is a made up word. Nancy Pearl announced this official term for “the fear of having nothing good to read” at the Public Library Association Conference this past March. This is a very real condition which may lead to fidgeting, sweating, irritability, a sense of hopelessness, and increased consumption of reality television. Fortunately, there are treatments.