How Do I...

The Interlibrary Loan Department is located at Central Library, 4th Street and Denver Ave. in downtown Tulsa. Normal office hours are 7:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number is 549-7395. If the office is closed, you may leave a message on our voice mail.

You may also contact us by email.

Not all ILL material can be renewed. Renewals are made at the discretion of the lending library.

Requests for renewals should be made 1-3 days BEFORE the due date by contacting the ILL department or by requesting online from your Interlibrary Loan account.

Please note:  Renewals cannot be made from your library card account nor at a branch or other department besides Interlibrary Loan.

ILL requests can be placed using the online Interlibrary Loan System at If you haven't used this system before, you will need to click on the "New User" button to register. You will need to enter your name exactly the same way each time you log in to the ILL system. You may also place ILL requests through any FirstSearch database, however you still must register with our online system first in order to expedite your requests. Your requests will be processed more quickly if you enter your name in the FirstSearch form exactly as it was entered when you registered in the online ILL system.

You will be notified by mail or email if material is unavailable for Interlibrary Loan. All possible attempts will be made before the request is considered unfilled. If you have any questions regarding the availability of the material you have requested, contact the ILL department.

Materials which are sometimes difficult to obtain include: rare or valuable material, books published within the last two years, reference material, genealogy, microfilm/fiche, and audiovisual materials. Please allow extra time to receive these kinds of materials.

The lending library has the right to impose certain limitations on material borrowed from their collection. These limitations include no renewals or in library use only.

Interlibrary Loan service is provided by TCCL as a free service.  A $1.00 postal recovery fee is assessed to the customer's library card for each item borrowed using InterLibrary Loan. Photocopy request charges will be 10 cents per page.  If a free lender cannot be found for a particular request, ILL will notify the customer and will not proceed further with that request without the agreement by the customer to pay for the charges.  Such charges are then not assessed unless we are able to acquire the material.

Material not owned by the Tulsa City-County Library System may be requested through Interlibrary Loan with the exception of materials with current year copyrights; entire issues of periodicals/magazines; and electronic materials such as computer software, audio files, and Rosetta Stone due to licensing restrictions. A customer can have no more than 30 active ILL requests at any given time.

Most Interlibrary Loan material is received within 2-6 weeks from the time the request is received in the ILL office. However, some materials take longer to arrive. Be sure to indicate on the request form if the material is needed by a certain date. You will be notified by mail or email (determined by notification preference listed at registration) when materials are available.

Any Tulsa City-County Library customer with a valid individual library card may use the Interlibrary Loan Service. Institution cards may not be used for ILL, as an individual must be responsible for safe return of items.  Temporary/Visitor cards will always have In Library Use Only restrictions.  Cards on minors need to have a linked adult card.  *NOTE* There will be a $1.00 postal recovery fee for each item borrowed using InterLibrary Loan.