Can I renew titles I borrowed through MOBIUS?

Yes, you can renew titles up to 2 times. A MOBIUS title may be renewed only if there are 7 or fewer days remaining in the current loan period. If you try to renew a title more than 7 days prior to the due date, you will receive a "Renewal Too Soon" message.

MOBIUS renewals take some time to process. After renewing, the title may have a "Renewal Pending" status for a short period of time.

Why can I sometimes not renew items?

There are certain circumstances that will prevent an item form being renewed:

  • There are outstanding fines on your card greater than $10.00
  • The material is long overdue
  • Your card (registration) has expired
  • There is a request for the item by another library customer.

Renewal dates are from the date renewed-not the date the material is due.