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2014: Forms for 2013 returns should be available from 1800-829-3676 sometime in January. The library will offer as many federal forms as possible, as they become available and filers may download and print any other federal forms as well as state forms, with the normal printing charges applying. The State of Oklahoma does not provide pre-printed tax forms. The IRS will not process returns until mid-January.

Tax-help assistance for the Tulsa area. Sites listed offer free tax assistance to all citizens in lower to middle+ income levels--typically individuals who earn $40,000 per year or less or FAMILIES whose income is $50,000 or less. Information from the State IRS office (1/29/10) indicates that TCE (AARP/ Tax Aide in our area) sites will assist with more complex returns with no income limitation but that preference is given to the elderly.  CAPTC no longer provides tax preparation help. AARP/Tax Aide sites are open February 1-April 15. 2014 taxes are due April 15th.

  • MAILING ADDRESS FOR FEDERAL TAX FORMS (IRS): Click on link above to find IRS addresses for Oklahoma residents, the type of form to be filed and if a payment is enclosed determine which address to use.
  • WHAT TO BRING for TAX PREPARATION: Picture I.D., W-2 forms for ALL jobs held in 2013, Social security card for each household member, 1099 forms for interest/dividend/pension income, Child care providers' name, address, and tax ID, as well as any other documents you may have received or think necessary and a voided bank check if you plan on requesting direct deposit; All adult parties must be present when filing a joint return. If itemizing deductions, bring all receipts or canceled checks for items such as medical expenses including Medicare premiums withheld from Social Security monthly payments, taxes paid, mortgage interest paid and charitable contributions. A copy of the 2013 tax return would be helpful.
  •  AARP sites welcome walkins, though Eastside Adult Center prefers appointments.
  • For VITA information call the Oklahoma Tax Commission at 405-297-4027.
  • 12/27/2013 AARP sites verified.  VITA sites verified 2/4/14.
  • ALL SITES OFFER ELECTRONIC FILING (E-file) using IRS provided tax preparation software.
  • ASBURY UNITED METHODIST, 6767 S Mingo. Wednesdays 1-4.30 pm. (AARP Tax Aide)
  • CENTRAL CENTER IN CENTENNIAL PARK, 1028 E. 6 St. , Wednesdays and Thursdays 9.30-5. 918-596-1444. No appointment necessary. (AARP Tax Aide)
  • EAST SIDE ADULT CENTER, 1427 S Indianapolis, Wednesdays during Feb. and March, 8.30-1. Appointments preferred 918-744-6760. (AARP Tax Aide.)
  • EASTSIDE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, 1438 S Indianapolis, M, Thur 9-3, (VITA.)
  • HARDESTY LIBRARY, 8316 E. 93 St.. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 10 am - 4 pm. Closed 2/27 and 3/1. Last Day: 4/12/14. 918-549-7550. (AARP Tax Aide)
  • Life Senior Services.  For ages 60 and over with incomes of 52,000 or under.  Call 918-664-9000 and ask for the tax program, then leave a message to be contacted about an appointment.  (VITA)
  • MAXWELL PARK LIBRARY, 1313 N. Canton Rd., Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10am-2 pm. . (AARP Tax Aide)
  • PARKVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH, 5805 S. Sheridan Rd., Mondays and Tuesdays 1-4:30 pm. 918-494-3755. (AARP Tax Aide)
  • TULSA DREAM CENTER, 200 W 46TH St N, M-F 9-3, (VITA/United Way).
  • TCC OUTREACH CENTER, 2201 S Garnett, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays  11-4 (VITA/United Way)
  • TOTAL SOURCE FOR HEARING-LOSS ACCESS Offers services for people with hearing loss. 918-832-8742. 
  • BROKEN ARROW NIENHUS PARK, 3201 N 9 St., M-W 1-5, Tr 3-7. (After 4/5/13, 3-5 only.) 918-259-6552. (AARP Tax Aide) 918-259-6552.
  • BROKEN ARROW NSU CARD,  3100 E New Orleans St, NSU Building E Rm 118.  Call 918-486-2471 for appointment.  VITA. 
  • OWASSO COMMUNITY CENTER, 301 S. Cedar St., Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 am - 5 pm. (AARP Tax Aide). 918-272-3903.
  • SAPULPA PUBLIC LIBRARY, 27 W. Dewey Ave., Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays noon - 4 pm. (AARP Tax Aide) 918-224-0237 
  •  CATOOSA, CN Community Services, 310 Chief Stand Watie, Thursdays 9-4. To make an appointment, call (918)342-2433. (VITA). CLAREMORE, CN Community Services, 23205 S. Hwy 66, Tuesdays 9-4. To make an appointment call (918)342-6818 (VITA). CLAREMORE CARD 1/27/14-4/14/14 M-T 4-7, RSU Innovation Center 2000 University Dr. (Closed during spring break 3/18-3/22.) To make an appointment call (918)341-5000. (VITA). COLLINSVILLE, CN Community Services #10, 1323 N. Broadway, Tuesdays 9-4. For an appointment call (918)316-7697 (VITA). SAPULPA Public Library, 27 W Dewey Ave, 2/3/14-4/14/14 918-224-5624, M, W, F 10-4, closed 3/31-4/2 (AARP)
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Income Tax.
Oklahoma Tax Commission.
Tax Help.