I want to take a look at the new books, but the list I'm used to viewing on the library's website isn't there any more. What happened?

We've recently changed the software we use to provide lists of new materials, and now provide two different services to help you find new books, movies, and more. The first is called NextReads, and takes the place of our old BookLetters service. NextReads can be found on our Reader Tools page, and allows you to sign up for a variety of email newsletters, with categories such as Bestsellers, Biographies, Fantasy, Thrillers, DVDs, CDs, and more. It also keeps an archive of past newsletters for you to browse.

Wowbrary is the second new service, and provides a weekly run down of all items that have recently been added to the library's catalog, both newly released titles and older ones that are new to our collection. It is located on our homepage, in the box labelled New Titles. The home page window keeps a scrolling display of a handful of titles, and clicking the 'More' button takes you to Wowbrary's main page. On the left hand side of the page, you'll see a number of subject areas and formats to help you find your topics of interest. Like NextReads, Wowbrary allows you to sign up for email updates, and keeps an archive that you can page through.


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