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America's Boy by Rebecca

Coming out is a phrase used so ubiquitously that it can almost stand for any revelation to another person—no matter how trivial. But, coming out is anything but trivial. Wade Rouse writes in his memoir America’s Boy :

Localism and Comic Books by Nick

Personally, I couldn’t be happier watching my generational peers resurrecting creature comforts of their childhood. I’m not sure you should expect to see baseball card trading outposts cropping up in your local strip mall, but comic books are coming back in a big way (as are 8-bit style games in the form of phone apps, 90’s era punk derivatives, and gaudy fluorescent fashion. Yep, not so thrilled for that last one.)

Books People Are Talking About by Lynette

Lynette facilitates the book discussion group at the Helmerich Library. At each meeting they read books on a particular topic or books by the same author and share their opinions. Below is the newsletter she shared with her group after their December meeting.

Making [the] Fiction Personal and Jennifer Egan's A Visit from the Goon Squad by Nick

If you are in the midst of pursuing a career as a professional reviewer, be it film, literature, fine dining, or craft sales in sub-Saharan Africa these ramblings are probably not directed to you (unless of course you take issue with my gross negligence of common grammar rules). No, this musing is about making reading an intensely personal experience.

Best Books of 2010...To the Best of My Recollection by Rebecca

It would hardly be January without the requisite “best” lists of the previous year. As a list-lover, I always enjoy seeing the last 12 months summarized, synthesized and categorized so nicely. I also enjoy making lists, but often struggle to remember the details of the books I’ve read. I can quickly identify the books that have had a profound impact on me, but when I try to describe the actions and events or recall characters’ names my mind is blank. What I typically recall are the feelings that remain afterwards.