Interim Trash, New Website, New Blog

It's a new dawn, it's a new day... and a week of many changes.

Interim Trash Service
City of Tulsa residents woke up this morning to an interim trash service. Beginning July 1 and ending October 1, Tulsans will have once a week trash pick up and no recycling pick up. To learn which day will be your new pick up day visit the City of Tulsa Refuse Services website --

New Website
Perhaps frequent users of the Tulsa City-County Library website took notice of our countdown to a new web experience. Don't fret this change... the content will mostly stay the same things will just look a bit different.

New Blog
With the new website comes a new blog. For any avid followers, you'll need to update your RSS feed. Beginning tomorrow, July 3, this will be the new feed:


If your password doesn't work, please call the AskUs Hotline at 918.549.7323 and staff will get you up & running again!

The log in will not let me use my password I used on the old catalog,(and i am 100 precent sure it is the right password, I wrote it down when i came up with it) and I can not figure out how to create a new password

Oops, found the legacy site link. It's dead too.

Your "new web experience" link leads to "Page not found", particularly frustrating since the new web site can't bring up my borrower information. Where's the link to the legacy system?

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