Mobius & InterLibrary Loan

Can’t find it?  Here are 2 options for you.

TCCL has millions of items, but we don’t have everything!  If you don’t find an item that you’re looking for we now have two options for borrowing it from other libraries across the U.S., Mobius and Interlibrary loan.

1. Mobius

Mobius is a regional consortium of libraries that share material and TCCL is now a member of Mobius.

 Mobius items are:

  • Free – There is no cost to you!
  • Fast – Get your books in a few days!
  • Easy- Like placing a regular hold!

If an item you’re looking for is not available in the Tulsa City-County Library catalog, try MOBIUS.  A click on the MOBIUS button will automatically begin the search for your item in the MOBIUS catalog. 

Find your item in MOBIUS?  By following these three quick steps:

  • Click the request button,
  • Choose TCCL and then your local branch for pickup
  • Enter your username and pin

You have placed a hold on the item as if you were placing a hold for an item in our catalog and you can track the hold in your account.

Mobius screenshot

Learn more here-

2. InterLibrary Loan

If your item is not found in the or Mobius catalog, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan. Interlibrary loan is a service which borrows items from many libraries across the country.

ILL items:

  • Take two to six weeks
  • Require a fee
  • Can be tracked on your ILL account

Learn more here-